CHEM-BUND is a group specialising in the storage, handling, transferring and maintenance of equipment used in the chemical industry.

At CHEM-BUND we offer experience in engineering and compliance in relation to dangerous goods in the areas of storage, transferring product, maintenance and repair and welcome the opportunity to work with our parteners to design and build the products you need.

In relation to Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's), we are an authorised maintenance repair and testing authority being licensed to perform period inspections ad reports complying to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code  Edition 7.5

Our services and products include

  • CHEM-BUND 110 , 200, 340 and 600 litre bunded dosing tanks
  • 1660 litre high sided large capacity  IBC bund
  • 1660 litre high sided large capacity IBC bund with sub floor day tank.
  • Intermediate Bulk Container ( IBC ) Repairs
  • Re Certification of IBC's as per the Australian Dangerous Goods Code 7.5 Edition
  • Reconditioned IBCs for sale
  • IBC accessories including : Stacking Adaptors, Bunds Polyethylene , Bulky Box Fill / Vent Lids as approved by AS 3780-2008
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Chemical Transfer Hoses
  • Onsite maintenance engineering and fabrication solutions